On Site CNG Service and Tank License


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On Site CNG Service and Tank License

So Cal Mobile Maintenance is a Licensed CNG Fuel Systems Inspector and CNG Tank Inspector

CNG Fuel System and Cylinder Maintenance

Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems require less maintenance than conventional fuel systems. Mechanics should regularly inspect and replace a filter in the fuel supply line, which removes any oil in the CNG. This filter generally needs to be replaced annually by a qualified service facility; owners should check their owner’s manual for the specific requirements of their vehicle. In some cases filters should be drained of any contaminants on a more regular basis, depending upon the application.

Cylinder Inspection

Performing a regular safety inspection of the CNG cylinders that serve as the fuel tank is a critical maintenance requirement for CNG fuel systems. While gouges from road debris can threaten the integrity of CNG cylinders, these cylinders can also corrode and crack when exposed to certain chemicals. Because these cylinders are pressurized to 3,600 pounds per square inch, even a small hole or crack could pose a danger. For these reasons, cylinders should be inspected in a qualified service facility every three years (36 months) or every 36,000 miles, whichever comes first (U.S. DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FMVSS 304)(PDF).

Cylinders must also be inspected after any fire, accident or other incident that could cause damage to the cylinder—for cylinders mounted in the underbody of a vehicle, hitting debris on the road or even driving over a curb has the potential to damage a cylinder, so an inspection is warranted. Owners can find certified inspectors by searching for “Certified CNG Fuel System Inspector” on the CSA Group website. The CSA Group is the standards-writing body in the United States for natural gas appliances and related equipment.

Natural Gas Vehicles: Cleaner and Cheaper

Driving a natural gas vehicle (NGV) can cut down on time spent in traffic, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your fuel costs. NGVs perform like a conventional gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle in that they deliver similar horsepower ratings and burn a gaseous mixture of fuel and air in an engine. However, natural gas has the distinct advantage of already being in a gaseous state, which helps the engine run cleaner.

Roush & Impco

So Cal Mobile Fleet Maintenance is a Roush and Impco Authorized Service and Repair Center. We have received training for these great systems and have joined their teams with the highest level of commitment to providing service and repair.

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