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BIT Inspection in Los Angeles & Ventura Counties, CA

Keeping Your Trucks Safe -- So Cal Mobile Maintenance

At So Cal Mobile Maintenance, we want to make sure that truck owners all over Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in California are driving the safest versions of their vehicles. That’s why, in compliance with the California Highway Patrol, we offer comprehensive BIT inspections. We’ll happily come to your place of business and perform the check, and any repairs necessary, on-the-spot. Our ASE Master Certified technicians take advantage of our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment to gain clarity on your truck’s current condition. If it needs any repairs, they’ll quickly perform the necessary services to ensure your truck is performing as it should.

What is a BIT Inspection?

Established in 1988, the Biennial (now Basic) Inspection of Terminals (BIT) Inspection was created with a singular goal in mind: to reduce the amount of truck-related accidents that occur in California’s highways. Required every 90 days or six years, trucks must visit a state-approved terminal to ensure the vehicle is safe for operation. If the inspection isn’t performed within either time frame, the driver is susceptible to fines from the state. How do you know which time frame to follow? Well, if your vehicle exceeds a gross weight of 26,000 lbs or has three or more axles, you must have it inspected every 90 days. Otherwise, you’re able to follow the six years time frame.

So, how exactly can you prepare for the BIT inspection and ensure you pass? Well, make sure you’re taking detailed records of your truck's hours of service, driver logbooks, and all previous inspections, as we utilize this information during your inspection. Also, make sure you inspect your truck’s maintenance records and, if anything looks out-of-date, have it serviced by one of our professionals. Using our knowledge of the inspection, we can perform the necessary repairs so you never have to deal with the problems that would arise if you were to fail it. By keeping your records up-to-date and routinely checking them, you’ll be able to pass the BIT inspection and leave the California Highway Patrol satisfied.

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For your truck to be performing at its safest, it must go through a BIT Inspection that can accurately identify the condition of your vehicle. If you’re due for a BIT inspection, make sure you schedule yours with So Cal Mobile Maintenance in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Our ASE Master Certified technicians take advantage of state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to accurately read the condition of your truck. If it needs any repairs, we’ll happily perform them so you can pass the test and quickly get back on the road. Have questions about the BIT inspection? Looking to schedule an appointment? Reach out to our team at 310-702-7509, as they’d be more than happy to help. If you want to set an appointment quickly, we also have our quick and convenient online scheduling system that can have your inspection visit set in minutes.