Common Signs Your Brakes Are On Their Way Out

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Common Signs Your Brakes Are On Their Way Out

Signs Your Brakes May Need Attention

While you’re driving, you many not think about your brakes all that often, but they are one of the most used functions of your vehicle and the most important for safety. Particulary for fleet service vehicles that are the definition of “stop and go”. Brakes normally wear down so slowly over time, that you can go months without thinking about brake health. For vehicles that are constantly on the go, this timeline can easily be moved up, and you may begin seeing signs that your brakes are deteriorating faster. You will start to see signs of this when your brakes begin to wear.

Indicators of Brake Wear

The experts at So Cal Mobile Maintenance put together a list of the most common signs of poor brake health, so you’ll know when it’s time to have your brakes checked!

  1. You may be familiar with the BRAKE CHECK LIGHT, but we have to mention it here because that’s a sure indication that something’s wrong with your brakes.
  2. If your brakes are in poor condition, they will make a lot of NOISES, including squeaking, squealing, and grinding. As the brakes wear down, they become smoother and provide less and less friction. If they become too smooth, they will fail to catch at all, and the spinning will create these noises.
  3. If your brakes are making noises, then they are probably also creating SMELLS. A burning smell could be an indication of your brakes overheating in the effort to slow your vehicle.
  4. Your brake pedal may also feel different. A SPONGY OR SOFT BRAKE PEDAL will feel like you’re pushing all the way to the floor with no reaction. This could be a sign your brake fluid is low and unable to maintain pressure.
  5. Any FLUIDS leaking from your braking system need to be addressed right away. Brake fluid pressure is incredibly important to make sure that when you depress the brake, it causes the correct chain of events in the engine itself. Low brake fluid levels will not give you the pressure you need.
  6. If you take a look at the brakes themselves and they appear SMOOTH, that’s like the final nail in the coffin telling you that you need to replace them.

These signs can arise in different combinations: sometimes you’ll have brake fluid and no noise, or a spongy brake pedal but no brake check light. Any one of these signs is a reason to have your vehicle looked at.

We Come to You!

Mobile services like So Cal Mobile Maintenance, can come to you for an inspection. This means you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule, leavimg more time on the road for your fleet of vehicles. If you experience any of these signs, or already know it’s time to have your brakes repaired or replaced, give us a call today at 310-702-7509.

Written by So Cal Mobile Maintenance