Is Your Fleet Ready for the 6 Stages of a SoCal DOT Truck Inspection?

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Is Your Fleet Ready for the 6 Stages of a SoCal DOT Truck Inspection?

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Did you know that almost four million DOT roadside inspections are conducted every year? This ensures that all commercial trucks are operating in peak condition to keep every motorist safe on the road.

There are six levels of a DOT truck inspection in Southern California, and each one is essential for your fleet to pass. The mobile truck service specialists at So Cal Mobile Maintenance in Ventura County, California, are here to explain these six levels.

Level 1: North American Standard Inspection

This is the most comprehensive inspection that a truck will undergo. During this inspection, all documents, the driver, and the truck will be thoroughly checked. The vehicle will also be searched from top to bottom for drugs, alcohol, or hazardous materials. Your drivers need to have their driver’s license, driver’s log and service hours, and driver and vehicle inspection report (DVIR) ready to go for this inspection.

Level 2: Walk-Around Driver/Vehicle Inspection

During this inspection, the DOT inspector will look at every component of the truck that they can physically see without getting under the vehicle. Components such as tires, turn signals, windshield wipers, and safe loading will be looked at.

Level 3: Driver-Only Inspection

A Level 3 Inspection is limited to only the driver’s credentials. Some of the documents reviewed in the inspection include the driver’s license, vehicle inspection report, record of duty status (RODS), HAZMAT requirements, and skills performance evaluation (SPE) certificate.

Level 4: Special Inspections

A Southern California Level 4 DOT inspection includes a one-time examination of a specific feature of the truck. This can happen if the DOT wants to focus on a common violation from the previous year’s inspection to track improvements.

Level 5: Vehicle-Only Inspection

This is a thorough inspection of the truck without the driver present. This inspection will typically only happen after an incident or arrest.

Level 6: Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments

This inspection was implemented for any vehicles traveling with Highway Route Controlled Quantities (HRCQ) of radioactive materials.

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Written by So Cal Mobile Maintenance